What Do Others Think ?

personal training den haag
"I have made more progress than I thought possible. Not only have I reached my ideal weight, I am feeling fitter, healthier, stronger and more confident. I leave every session feeling better about myself. 
Sarah, the Hague
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Fiona to improve my fitness and achieve my weight loss goals. Fiona is a great motivator and offers useful tips regarding both exercise and nutrition. Her easy-going style makes the sessions fun, but her professional and consistent approach really gets results. Deciding to find someone was a great decision for me and I hit the jackpot with Fiona! "
Anna Yeadell-Moore, the Hague
" The last three months working with Fiona has made me proud of my body again. When my son told me my arms were continuing to wave after I had stopped, and when my slacks were feeling a little tight before dinner, I realized that I needed to focus on shaping up. Fiona's enthusiasm and encouragement have inspired me to keep working towards my goals. The natural progression and variety that she works into our sessions keep them challenging and fun. This investment in myself has truly paid off and my wardrobe choices have increased significantly as all those small clothes seem to have gotten a little bigger! I love working with Fiona!"
Carla Walker, U.S.A.
Most of all I believe she truly wants to get the best out of people and that is why she is so successful."
Marieke Obdam, the Hague
" I have been working with Fiona for over 4 months now and I can remember how from the first day to this day I admire her honesty and openness in communicating about her work, her role and her evaluations. She has a beautiful, inviting studio and very well organized practice and methods. I appreciate her flexibility as I came to her with an idea of what I wanted and as our work progressed that initial idea evolved into something completely different and Fiona was so good at accommodating for that evolution while still steering me back to the main focus that I had established. I enjoy spending time with her and I have learnt and gained a lot from our conversations and our work. I am glad that I still have some more time with her and looking forward to the new boundaries I'll be able to breach with her help and support. Thank you for your practice Fiona."
Jessica Mescuita, the Hague
" A year ago I started working with Fiona. In the course of a year, I lost 11 KG which had been my goal. Prior to working out with Fiona, I had been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight on my own for over two years. I knew what I needed to do and what I needed to eat and not eat, but I could never stay with any workout or eating plan for any more than a month. Once I started with Fiona, everything fell into place.  With the consistent routine and encouragement from Fiona, I then incorporated my own running and lifting routine on other days. It was exactly what I needed to get back on track and back into good exercise and eating habits again. I felt like I worked in a partnership with Fiona and together we established a plan which allowed me to lose weight, get into better shape, and also avoid any injuries. Fiona was always encouraging, attentive, and professional. It was an absolute delight to work with her"
Erin Gallagher, the Hague
 Fiona is a professional. She takes time to listen to your goals and needs and guides you step by step into the world of a healthy lifestyle. I am now even at the stage that I like to exercise, so motivation and guidance does help! It is more than worth its money! Fiona has also taught me how to do exercises at home so I do not any longer have to find excuses for not going to the gym.
Anita Ramharakh, the Hague
"My name is Gabriela, I am 41 years old and have a 28 months old son. When I first met Fiona in August 2009, I had been diagnosed with Burn Out Syndrome and extreme fatigue. I had not exercised in over 3 years. In light of this, Fiona devised a special programme specifically tailored to suit my needs and address my health concerns. Thanks to her programme I am gradually building up my energy levels, and the progress is remarkable. I have finally, lost the extra weight left from my pregnancy, I feel stronger physically and mentally, my muscles are recovering their tone and my body feels and looks better than it has in a very long time. Fiona has helped much more than she knows."
Gabriela Salgado, the Hague
 For everyone who would like to invest in herself, I would definitely recommend Fiona!!"
Odette Gijswijt, Voorburg
" I can highly recommend Fiona. She's dedicated and lots of fun to work with. Thanks to Fiona I became more aware of my body and how to look after it.  Shame she had to move back to Europe!"
Heather Colvill Jones, Kuala Lumpur